Veronica Foale Essentials is a family run business owned by Veronica Foale and Nathan James.

Palm oil free and locally crafted in the Southern Midlands of Tasmania, our luxury soaps and bath products are created using only the best quality oils and top quality ingredients. We use locally sourced goat’s milk in most of our soaps.

You can find me at various markets around Hobart, and at MONA during the summer market season.

The Beginning

At the end of 2013 I was looking for a way to add spice to my sorely neglected website. I came up with an idea: The Year Of Making. The original idea was to, each week, focus on making one thing at home from scratch, and then write about my experiences.

I’d wanted to make my own soap for a while, but kept putting it off. The year of making helped push me over the edge. Once I made my first batch of soap, I was utterly hooked. The science! The chemistry! The art.

Quickly I made a second batch, and a third, and on it went until my house was filled with soap and my husband was looking at me with that “when is this going to end” expression on his face.

The year of making didn’t turn out how I planned – I got stuck on soap.

After a lot of test batches, and even more research, I developed a range of soaps for sale. We tested our basic recipes over and over again to make sure they performed consistently and tweaked and added ingredients until we were happy.

We really hope you love our soap as much as we do.